Volunteer as a Navigator

Be a Navigator to a Neighbor in Poverty

A Navigator is an individual who pledges to be a resource and contact for a Neighbor (an individual in our community) experiencing poverty.  He or she will commit to picking up the phone when called or responding to an email when contacted by the neighbor paired with them.  Navigators will attend a training to learn the best ways to help neighbors in poverty, and will leave the training with resources and information to successfully help the neighbors with whom they are matched.

Navigators and Neighbors will come together at an Opportunity Conference or Navigator/Neighbor event, to learn directly from Dr. Donna Beegle and to begin making the connections that will help those in poverty move forward.

Navigator Expectations

  • Navigators agree to participate in a Navigator poverty training offered by the Opportunity Community
  • Navigators agree to attend an upcoming Opportunity Conference or Navigator/Neighbor event to be paired with a Neighbor experiencing poverty
  • Navigators agree to initiate and return phone calls from Neighbors
  • Navigators agree to share their networks and to connect with Specialty Navigators when appropriate to assist in breaking poverty barriers for their Neighbors
  • Navigators have no responsibility to give money, material support, or to pay bills for Neighbors. If they choose to do so, it does not imply a continued responsibility to do so
  • Both Navigators and Neighbor are to be free of coercion, intimidation, and/or harassment of any kind

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