Meet the Team

Meet the EHS CCP Team

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Stephanie Rhodes, EHS CCP Program Director
309-787-9460 x5000

Delaney Johnson, Administrative Assistant - Program
309-787-9460 x5010

Nancy Razo, Administrative Assistant - IT
309-787-9460 x5011

Angela Casteel, Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) Manager
309-764-8110 x3012

Iesha Wallace, Eligibility Specialist
309-787-9460 x5009

Traci Hennings, Early Childhood Education (ECE) Manager
309-787-9460 x5001

Ruth Yarian, Child Development Specialist (CDS)
309-787-9460 x5019

Kathleen Gause, Child Development Specialist (CDS)
309-787-9460 x5013

Rhonda Wishmeyer, Child Development Specialist (CDS)
309-787-9460 x5014

Alyssa Pollock, Mentor Coach
309-787-9460 x5024

Bailee Reiter, Early Childhood Education (ECE) Supervisor
309-787-9460 x5005

Olivia Henry, Home Visitor
309-787-9460 x5012

Jennifer Moss, Home Visitor
309-787-9460 x5021

Danielle Davis, Home Visitor
309-787-9460 x5020

Melissa Williams, Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) & Governance Manager
309-787-9460 x5004

Katelyn Cooper, Family Advocate
309-787-9460 x5017

Jordyn Mudge, Family Advocate
309-787-9460 x5018

Melanie Ooton, Family Advocate
309-787-9460 x5016

Hannah Louw, Family Advocate
309-787-9460 x5015

Katrina Eirinberg, Mental Health & Disabilities Manager
309-787-9460 x5003

Traci Owens, Health & Nutrition Manager
309-787-9460 x5002

Danielle Stalder, Human Resources Generalist
309-764-3724 x3002

Farren Streb, Grant Accountant
309-764-3724 x5006

Thomas Henry, EHS Driver
309-787-9460 x5008