Do You Need Help?

How Open Door Can Help

Do you need...

  • Help finding a safe home?
  • Clothing?
  • Help putting food on the table?
  • Counseling or crisis services?
  • Help finding a job?

Get FREE, confidential help through the Open Door program. You may be referred to Open Door through Iowa or Illinois DHS services or other nonprofit organizations, or you may call or visit one of our offices to see what help you qualify to receive.

Coordinators will talk with you about what your immediate needs are, what you are struggling with, and what community organizations can do to help support you. 

Meeting with a Coordinator

When you meet with one of the Open Door Coordinators, you will need to bring:

  • Two forms of identification, such as a driver's license and social security card
  • A document that shows a utility shutoff, eviction notice, or other situation that would be considered a crisis

What to Expect

Your Coordinator will work with you through an interview process to determine what supports and resources will work best. The Coordinator will assess whether any long-term or secondary needs exist and provide connections to appropriate partner organizations in the area to help prevent future crisis issues.

Contact Us today to see how Open Door can help make sure you have what you need to move forward and be successful.